About Us
Morrissey Commercial Cleaning (MCC) enjoys a formal relationship with Morrissey Construction Company, national in scope and in business since 1952, as well as relationships with other commercial construction companies in Arizona, to provide cleaning for residential new construction and remodels, commercial new construction, remodels and tenant improvements.

James M. Morrissey, President, has over forty years in the construction industry, from early years as a laborer, to later executive and corporate officer positions with various national companies. Based upon his wide range of experience and meticulous standards of performance, MCC strives to "go the extra mile" in all that we do, insuring that our customers are completely satisfied with all work completed. Corporate office, field, and QA management functions are constantly monitored, customized, and improved per specific customer requirements. MCC does not utilize a "one size fits all" approach, but successfully tailors our services to individual customer needs.

Our employees come to the company from various Faith-Based organizations such as the well established, well-respected Phoenix Dream Center, Church on the Street, and Teen Challenge, among others. While properly insured and bonded, employees appreciate the "second chance" that MCC provides and subsequently the individual employee delivers an excellent job performance for both the company and our customers in return. Full time and part time employees are carefully recruited, screened, and fully trained per the rigorous MCC requirements of employment with the company. All protocols are designed with Mr. Morrissey's personal review and approval only. The company is structured so that Field Supervisors follow precisely all company procedures, being responsible for direct supervision of staff and accountable for all job performances. We believe in direct and personal access to our management team, and a Field Supervisor will always be present and available to our customers at any on-site job location. Firmly believing in the team approach, Mr. Morrissey requires that all employees carries with them a pad and pencil so that notes can be recorded for any damage found, to be subsequently reported to the job site supervisor. Employee retention, training, and satisfaction is paramount for both the company, and for our valued customers.

MCC offers Full Time and Part Time employment. Please click on our Contact Us section for current openings and more information.